Transactions and what does it mean

I dont even know what this means. I’ve gone to play a game every so often and it’ll be from whenever I last played that game apparently giving me a good payout. I’m just wondering how do I find out which games still have idle gameplay or whatever to call it.

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That’s a great question because I have the same experience. And it’s like getting a birthday gift. Hahaha

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The games would just continue to play from last time.
This would have no effect at all on anything.
Transactions is simply that, the transactions you have made in gameplay.
Every time you make a dollar spin for example that would be a dollar on money in, if you win a dollar it would be a dollar on the money out.

@Davy all due respect I believe his question above was how do you tell which games have plays on it that have not been completed you know like when you go into a game and it’s spinning or awarding you or not from your last spin because you left the game during that spin so it would be like an unfinished play or an incomplete play. that’s the question that he’s asking and I’m also asking the same question. does that make sense? hopefully. But thank you for explaining what the transactions mean bc I have often wondered how those numbers are created.

Ilana Victoria

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Ah, this is something we can see, you will not be able to.
We can check a game to see if any spins have not been completed.

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:crazy_face: so how do we become blessed with your most coveted knowledge you have on this issue? And what exactly does your view of this look like? Is it an overview of all incomplete games or do you have to go into a game individually to see no wait because that would be how we see but you have like super vision? Please do tell.

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Its the game data, which of course you won’t have access to.
We can do various searches on the data of the games.

Well then could you see if I have any games that have spins not completed?

For what slot and when?

That’s my issue, I have no clue.

So what are you looking for ?

Which games I have unfinished play

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I’m afraid I cant scan every slot to check for any open games.

Almost 10 dollars is missing from my funds. I was playing go go bingo… or I should say I was trying. But it kept making me reload page and then just would not let me. Just wondering why my funds went

a feature on login for that specific scenario would be nice as a notification “you have unresolved transactions on (insert here)”

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Davy would u help me with 2.50 dollar sit and go that I was so rude interrupted

@Junebug97 PM us teh tourney info and we will take a look for you