Turbo Structures

I’ve noticed the push for more of these Massive starting stack turbo structures (like the Lucky Sevens, Crazy Eights, and now the Sixty Six). My suggestion for these is to lengthen the time of the levels deeper into the tournament (for all turbos even). With stalling and tanking around the money bubble entire levels can come and go with only one or two hands being played, while the average stack in terms of big blinds continues to decrease. When the average stack gets down to less than 10bb it becomes such a crapshoot and is honestly just not as fun. Late stages of tournaments should provide for exciting high equity spots and tough decisions. Both recreational and regular players would benefit from this in my opinion. what do you guys think?


An alternative solution to this problem That would accomplish the same thing would be to simply add levels. For example the current blind levels go from 1k, 1.2k, 1.6k, 2k, 2.5k, 3k, etc

Could make them: 1k, 1.25k, 1.5k, 1.75k, 2k, 2.25k, etc

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Great suggestion for your first post. I’m going to pass this on, and I’ll circle back to this topic with any updates or feedback I receive.

Make all turbos have just a 30 sec timebank, that would help a lot.


Please, Sam, something has to be done. The turbos are getting absolutely destroyed by people tanking for 2 minutes a piece in the later stages of the tournament. Its really boring and incredibly frustrating. I’ve noticed most turbo satellites there is only 15 seconds to act which is much better. 30 seconds to act per hand is wayyyy to much time. Its more than double the amount of time any other site allows you

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Totally agree with this. Standard time to act should be 15 sec with a 60-90 sec tome bank.

Also, players who intentionally tank should be penalized

I can understand your concerns, and I’ll be sure to pass along your feedback.

As with all suggestions, we’ll need to investigate the situation and it’s impact. However, if there’s action that we can take or a new feature to be implemented, I can assure you that we want it to happen as much as you do.

Thank you, Sam. I appreciate it.

Honestly the time to act across all tournaments needs to be re-evaluated. It fits the recreational model you guys are going after. Lowering time to act creates; 1) a faster paced dynamic which is more enjoyable for people only playing 1 or 2 tournaments, 2) a harder environment for pros to play a bunch of tables because they must act quicker which causes them to make more mistakes. Pokerstars made this change many years ago for these reasons

I cant imagine it would be too technologically difficult to adjust the time to act in tournaments and sit n goes. Please make it happen, Sam.

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Apologies for the late response.

With some of our recent updates, such as the changes to the amount of time to act and late registration levels, we believe that the original concerns discussed here have been addressed. If there’s anything else relating specifically to Turbo Structures, let us know and we’ll re-open this suggestion.