Two bugs in Zone

Bug 1: from hand Ignition Hand #3963280239 Zone Poker ID#1611 HOLDEM ZonePoker No Limit [MVS] - 2020-06-19 23:40:44 UTC

My hole cards appeared, as well as the timer, but the action buttons did not appear until the time bank had run down to 10 seconds. I was the UTG player.

Bug 2: from hand Ignition Hand #3963276805 Zone Poker ID#1611 HOLDEMZonePoker No Limit [MVS] - 2020-06-19 23:32:15 UTC

Table outright froze on the flop, but the internet on the rest of my computer was fine and the other Zoom table I was playing simultaneously carried on uninhibited. I was forced to forfeit the hand. I was BTN player.

Hey mrdelivery,

I reviewed the hands that you attached and on the first one, I see that the hole cards appeared at 19:40:45 and you took your first action at 19:40:54 without any overall issues - was this the correct hand number?

I see that you were unable to act on the second hand and that you timed-out, however, none of the other players were affected and I wasn’t able to locate any issues that could have affected your connection to the table.

We recommend following the troubleshooting steps here to ensure a fresh, non-cached copy of the client is installed.

Also, please note that if you’re running any HUDs or third-party software, it’s possible they affect the client’s & table’s performance. Are you experiencing any similar issues without them?