Urgent - critical glitch with stacks being displayed wrong

Major glitch on iggy right now, stack sizes are changing intermittently after winning pots… Ive had the glitch happen 4x now, not sure what triggers it:



Hi @PokerPastor, the links to the videos don’t seem to be working, could you check the links and post again please?


Thanks @PokerPastor - It looks like it isn’t you in the video but we’ll be able to reach out to the player and look into it further. We’ll also contact you and gather more information on what you are experiencing.

I can tell you that this looks to be a display issue, as the hand histories show the correct balances and the player is unable to bet more than he has despite an incorrect chip stack being displayed on his end. Although I don’t know the cause yet, things like display issues can happen to players when they run 3rd party software like a HUD as this player looks to be doing, which is one of the reasons why we don’t condone them. I’m not sure if you are running something similar?

I’m not jumping to conclusions yet obviously, and thanks very much for sharing it here.

We’ll provide an update as soon as possible.

Hi it’s me. I have full access to the ownthefelt account and can verify anyway you wish. This issue only started after today’s update. There are several reported issues all within the last 18 hours on twitter and twoplustwo forums. I can list all of them for you if you like.

It’s highly unlikely to be anything third party related and very likely to be due to the most recent update. None of the third party softwares have the ability to change the actual values in the client. They only overlay data over the top. Let me know if you want additional examples and how you would like me to go about verifying I am the person in the video.

Hi @PokerPastor thank you for confirming and no need to provide examples of other reports, but its appreciated none the less.

We’ll get to the bottom of this and will be in contact with you within the next 24 hours.

Just to update @PokerPastor, a fix is in place and this should no longer be happening.

I’ll tag the topic as ‘fixing’ for the next 24 hours, and if no additional reports come through, we’ll update it to ‘fixed’.

Thanks very much again for reporting.

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