Waiting list for Cash Game tables

i like the slower time bank thinking poker not that young kid flashy zone poker.

but i do like playing with 6 players at the table.
if i want to play heads up i would just try to start a 2 max.

also it would be nice to know how many people are in the field at the varies limits.

like for example.

while i am selecting the stakes it will show 20 players are playing 5nl.
and 10 players are playing 10nl
40 players are playing 25nl

kind of like the same way zone poker shows how many players are in the field.

was also thinking that if the waiting list got 6 or more people then it would just auto start a new table.

can something like this be implemented?

Thanks for the suggestion!

It’s something that has been brought up in the past, but it’s not something that’s on our roadmap to implement at this point as there are other items that are currently being prioritized.

Can you implement some way to opt-out of joining tables with less than X players? Or at least opt-out of joining tables with only 1 player. I agree with OP, if I wanted to play heads-up I would have joined a heads-up table! It’s bad enough we are forced to post a blind before sitting out, but forcing us to sit at tables like that is f’d up.

It should be setup that if you select a table size higher than 2 and you are sat at a table with only 1 player you should prompt each player if they want to be dealt in.

Another way to handle this would be when a new table is created and players are being sat, they are automatically sat out for a period of time until at least 3 players are sat. And to avoid players joining and immediately sitting out to observe the table or eventually having multiple players ‘perma sitting out’, add either a new table timer to remove them or add a button like ACR has to start a countdown to remove them.

Since your firm on not showing regular cash table count or player counts, you need to improve how players are being seated and fair ways to let new tables fill up before forcing a player to post a blind. It’s just not good business to remove options that are considered standard and then force players to post blinds on 6/9 tables when they would be playing heads up immediately upon being seated.

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Opening up the 9-person cash tables in fixed limit holdem would be a very nice thing. Annoying to just have to push join game and drop into any table with one other person and have to immediately exit so as not to have to play heads up - rinse and repeat. It get’s old.
Also, some indication of how many players are playing in (bet size specific) cash games.

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