Was cash back issued?

Or am I just not eligible? @moderators

Yes, cashback has been added for all that were eligible

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Guess it wasn’t me… :neutral_face:

Unfortunately your withdrawals are higher then your deposits since your last cashback

Appreciate you checking


How about this week??? :grinning:

@jewell36 yes, you should be eligible and get cashback applied later

Yay! Lol thanks Matt

So its still going from your last cashback, not each week in isolation? Meaning a decent sized withdrawal can remove eligibility indefinitely? Thanks!

Yes the calculation will go from your last cashback.

So withdrawing a decent size won’t necessarily remove you from eligibility indefinitely but it will have you be ineligible until the deposits once again surpass that withdrawal total since your last cashback

Am I eligible this week

@Lsmcm368 you weren’t eligible this week either

Cant imagine the logic behind this, but im sure someone smarter than myself came up with it.

Theoretical loss based off average bet size, house edge, decisions per hour, coin-in, and hours played, are usually how discretionary comps are calculated. Winning one week doesnt make ones’ future play a > risk to the house. :thinking:

Oh well thanks for info!