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Good Morning. Is anyone having trouble getting on? I am having issues this morning on the web based site…I haven’t tried the download version yet. It just won’t load…I got it loaded once and when I log in…it won’t login, it loops back to login screen again.


Get used to it. It happens often and you won’t receive your money back if you were in the middle of a poker game

Site is down for me as well

@Minklinks. I know we have had alot of problems on here lately…but they have always taken care of it and made things right for me. It takes a bit of time sometimes…but it has always been taken care of for me. I’m sorry to hear about your experience.


Hey guys, thanks for letting us know. We are looking into this as we speak and we’ll provide an update as soon as possible.


Thanks @Nash

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Here we go again… what’s up with the site crashing all of a sudden? AGAIN… I was in the process of depositing but I know it’s gonna crash a couple more times In the next 2 days since that’s the cycle it took the last 2 weeks

Well at least the forum keeps you up to date. I was wondering if it was just me having trouble logging in. Little frustrating but it’s nice to know it isn’t on my end.

how should we go about getting refunds for tournaments we were in? mine is down too.

Good luck! I never got reimbursed for a $20 tournament and a $7 tournament that i didn’t get to finish because of the site crashing. Wrote an email and never heard anything back!

i’ve actually had good experience here on the forum with getting refunds. emails to support are hopeless though.

@LanceShull, All tournaments that experienced disconnections will be paid out according to our ‘Tournament Cancellation Policy’ on the website. As it is currently unavailable we can’t provide a link, but if more than 50% of players are disconnected for at least 5 minutes you will be refunded according to chip stack at the time of disconnection.

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We are currently experiencing some delayed timeframes with our email system, can you please PM us here with the tournament reference numbers and a timeframe for the tournaments you had issues with.

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See, I shouldn’t even have to come on here to get my money back…every other site that I have used you will be credited back immediately…like several times I was playing blackjack and had a $25 bet out there and then it froze and when I reopened it, my $25 was gone and I never even got to play the hand! Every other site your money would be back in your balance. Same with the craps when it froze when I had money out, I reopen it and the money is gone

I’m in a deep running on the crazy 8’s and can’t get back to the poker tab!!!

When do u expect to have the site back up

The issue seems to be fixed now, please let us know if you’re still having any problems logging on or playing any games.

Thanks Foster. No, nothing is working. I cannot login to the site where I play slots and poker. Trapped in security phase of click on all buses, then click on traffic lights. Can’t login to poker client download either. :frowning:

@halesusan On our end we are able to load up the site. Can you try our basic troubleshooting steps (Logout completely, Use Google Chrome, Clear your Cache and Cookies, Reset Internet Connection) and try again?

If you need help with any of these tips please let us know and we’ll advise you.

I was able to log on to the website, after I was asked 7-8 rounds of id’ings cars, crosswalks, buses. I then logged off, tried again - and had to do another 8 rounds before everything popped up. But, the downloaded poker client, which is where I play poker, is not showing log-in prompt. I haven’t tried any of the below - but I will. Thanks.