Week Ending August 8th Progressive Wins

Hello all, here are the progressive wins for last week. Congrats to the lucky winners.

Progressive Jackpots
Game Cyberpunk City
Bet Amount 20.00 USD
Date and Time 8/2/2021 21:12
Win Amount 59,995.81 (USD)
Game Gold Rush Gus
Bet Amount 10.00 USD
Date and Time 8/3/2021 21:53
Win Amount 103,275.18 (USD)
Game Reels and Wheels XL
Bet Amount 200.00 USD
Date and Time 8/6/2021 7:13
Win Amount 31,367.56 (USD)
Game Reels and Wheels XL
Bet Amount USD 40.00
Date and Time 8/6/2021 10:32
Win Amount 75,723.15 (USD)
Game 777 Deluxe
Bet Amount 100.00 USD
Date and Time 8/8/2021 22:24
Win Amount 209,207.73 (USD)

In other words if you are betting 1 or 2 you are just donating


I’ve seen winners as low as .40 but they are few and far between. With Mystic Elements being the only game that specifies that bet size has a higher probability of hitting the jackpot, the output states that more spins are made at a higher bet level which is hard to believe.

Yeah I’ve hit 1400 on a .40 bet and 7k on a 5$ so still decent relative to bet size but have a hard time believing it’s possible to hit the top bonuses with a min bet. Almost always seems to be 20,50,100 etc… Now I also have seen a very few big ones posted on here with .50 bet or whatever but they are few and far between. Anyways…maybe some day. Lol

Can’t wait to hit one of these progressive JPs :grinning:

Man you guys are guilable. The only people winning these progressives is the casino. Not real players, you cant even when with money from reward dollars. You for real think they would let an actual player win? That’s hilarious. I cant even get them to add my weekly deposit perks even tho I regularly deposit and am a diamond member.

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