Week ending July 4th - Progressive Jackpots

Hi guys, hope all is well. Here are the last week’s progressive wins.

Progressive Jackpots
Game Reels and Wheels XL
Bet Amount 0.40(USD)
Date and Time 53,547.67 (USD)
Win Amount 53,547.67 (USD)
Game 777 Deluxe
Bet Amount 5.00 (USD)
Date and Time 7/2/2021 6:11
Win Amount 122,583.72 (USD)
Game 777 Deluxe
Bet Amount USD 5.00
Date and Time 7/2/2021 15:09
Win Amount 32,749.95 (USD)

$0.40 spin!!

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Shows you don’t need to blow the house to win big.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: No Way!!! How lucky that person that spun 40 CENTS and hit the jackpot. Congratulation to all the winners

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I hit the mini jackpot on wheels and reels XL for around $1200 on a 0.20 cent spin once a few months back. Not anywhere close to $54,000 but still great to get a ~6000x return!


40 cent hit for the win!