Weekly BTC exclusive weekly bonus

I received an email saying my weekly bonus was available but when I went to use it none of the Premium bitcoin exclusive offers were there like 25 free spins, 15,000 ignition miles, or the tournament ticket. I started a chat but I didn’t get any answers.

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Note that unfortunately we don’t see any deposits this week to be eligible for the bonuses. The program resets Monday - Sunday, and you did receive these incentives last Monday already. You would need to make a $30 deposit this new week in order to be eligible for this week’s benefits.

Ive been getting hammered lately any idea if my acount switched back to bitcoin only uet for rewards? Anything be given at the moment? Xmen21

Your account is currently not crypto exclusive, did you opt in via the website?
We can also do this manually for you if you wish.

Yes .it was before and then opted out without telling me when switched to do a credit card deposit. If they would have told me that was gonna happen would not have done it

So Im not eligible for anything again this week? I signed up again a while back

I’m afraid you are not enrolled in the crypto exclusive at this time, I will manually add it for you now, it typically takes up to 48 hours for the changes to reflect on your account.

Ok .thanks

Is there anything that can be given out to my acount at the moment for the past months of deposits etc. At all?

I’m afraid there is nothing we can add manually at this time, keep an eye on your account for any promotions from marketing, and you should be enrolled in the crypto exclusive in around 48 hours.

Gotcha Thanks for the help

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Missing my bitcoin perks… again please look into my account thanks

@Angeldinh1985 I’m not seeing any qualifying deposit this week as of yet.

Yes I deposited on the 27 every single Sunday morning I do

This was addressed via PM

What slot are the 25 free spins on this week I’m not seeing them

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Welcome to the Forum, they should be on Ceasar’s Empire.

@admins Are there any delays in issuing the btc exclusive deposit rewards? I made a qualifying deposit using the deposit bonus, but still don’t see the extras to claim in my bonuses tab.


This seems to be an issue with the other sites as well

Can you see if there is a issue with loading bitcoin rewards ? Bovada could not load spins and I saw on slots lv issues as well. Hi Sisley our rewards post quickly on the sites