Weekly Casino bonuses

I do not understand why they changed the deposit to get the weekly bonus to 100. I alao did not get my cash back for losing all week.
I feel like the more money you lose to them in the higher up you get the worse they make everything for you when you’re playing. Instead of getting special privileges they break up all the deposits so you have to deposit 100 or instead of the 20 or 30 and you win less spend more and they appreciate you a whole lot less instead of welcoming you and and thinking you’re the top dogs because you spend all this money. No, they treat you like crap when you get high up, let me go back to being a peon.

I’m afraid it does not appear you are not eligible for cashback as part of your benefits.

Also, the change to $100 for a deposit on your benefits was a wholesale change for every player. This had nothing to do with your tier level. We are of course sorry that some players disliked the change, but this has nothing to do with the amount of money players spent previously.