Weekly freeroll Poker issues

Anybody else had Issues on the 20th trying to login to the mobile poker to play the tournament? Wasted a Weekly ticket and wasn’t able to login

Can you provide more information and we will take a look for you. It seems that you registered for a tourney then forfeited the ticket.

Can a @moderators please take a look for me as well? For today’s weekly BTC freeroll tournament? I wasn’t able to join last week as well and unfortunately missed it but I’ve deposited this week and don’t see my freeroll ticket. I reached out to CS and they said I should see it but I still don’t.

On review we are seeing that you have available open tickets for this event, can you show us a screenshot of what it says when you attempt to enter?

You replying to me? Haha I don’t see the bonus in my rewards and I don’t see the tournament as an option in the tournaments list.

I think I usually see a “private” filter as well and I don’t see that either.

You should still see the tournament even if you don’t see the ticket in your rewards. It’s scheduled for today at 2:05p ET, with settings on ‘Regular’, and ‘Micro’ I’m seeing it here.

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Got it! Thanks man, sorry for the confusion on my part!

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I registered for the tournament but it wouldn’t let me join in the table therefore it shows up as I forfeited the ticket due to not be able to join the table in time

Hi @aksangasy,

I’m having a look at this right now and will send you a PM.

Could you add the ticket to me? I haven’t received them. @Kareem

@ImboxKs what ticket are you missing?

Yes they ended up issuing me a new one for a week later joke ignition is slacking lately