Weekly freespins

I think it’s really messed up that Ignition shows their appreciation to us by continuing to give out free spins to Larry’s Lucky Tavern slot for our Bitcoin exclusive program perks…. We all know that’s the only one that never pays out…

Here’s my winnings from 25 spins this week… I wish I had taken a screenshot for last weeks wins on the exact same slot game…. Why aren’t you giving a variety of games for feee spins… instead, it’s the same pos slot every week… I feel super appreciated. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: big fail Ignition…


Shoot at least you get free spins!! I complained ONE time for not getting paid out correctly on a jackpot I won and now I don’t receive any bonuses nor do I win ANYTHING! Just blew through 500.00 and didn’t win but maybe 4.00!! Algorithms my ass!! Sorry I can’t stand getting ripped off! I use to do really well in this casino all until I complained. Which by the way was NEVER resolved! I’M DONE WITH IGNITION! GOOD LUCK Y’ALL!!

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@Sumtingwong The games rotate every month for the btc spins

@bbrunette44 Welcome to the forum, the spins in question are in regard to the crypto exclusive promotion which you would need to opt into. You can read more here.

@Davy thank you for that info. What games does it rotate with?

You will get the same game for a month, then it will change to a different game

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I believe it will be Golden Buffalo as of next week.

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Awesome!!! That’s worth the wait for sure! Thanks for that great news! Glad we have something to look forward to then :partying_face:

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Has anybody had issues receiving the referral bonus? I have referred SEVERAL friends and have yet been able to get the referral bonus.
I take that back I did receive one! I visit the chat room and my friend and I were literally on at the same time and we told them we w were and all they kept saying was that “your friend has to contact us through chat to receive this bonus” and visa versa. I COULDN’T believe it!! So thanks Diego and Damion for the total run around the other night!!! Now I can’t even get through to the chat room!

@bbrunette44 please pm moderators with the email of the address of the player you referred and we will take a look for you.

All the time , referred two people and never got bonus . They say tell your friend to hit the chat and when they do they say they didn’t . It’s like they give you the run around so you never get the bonus .

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@yolaboy123 was this recently? if you want to pm the names we can take a look for you.

It’s always the same thing I already told my friend to hit the chat which they did and y’all keep saying they have to do it again . That’s why I didn’t bother anymore I’m not about to keep telling them to contact the chat if y’all keep telling me they didn’t.

The only reason they would need to contact chat is if they didn’t enter the code in correctly in the first place, in which case it then has to be done manually once the link has been established.

Well like I said I referred 2 people the first one was months ago the last one was like 2 weeks ago I personally was there to see them contact the chat then they said 24-48 hours and never got my bonus , so I gave up

Last one I’m seeing is from December, so if you referred one a couple of weeks ago I’d say they didn’t use your code, or they used an affiliate link

They didn’t use my link but when they signed up for the account they did use my email as a referral email . I helped them do the account so I remember

If they signed up through an affiliate link then they would be on the account as the referrer unfortunately. They need to use the link from your account which has a unique code on it.

So I can’t get the bonus then

If there is a referrer on the account then you wouldn’t be able to as they would have been rewarded for it, if there is no referrer on the account then as long as they contact us we can add you manually and in which case you would get it.