Well, another week of being a Bitcoin Exclusive depositor


Annnd… another week of not even hitting 10% of my playthrough in order to “claim” winnings.

Anyone else having fun?


BTW, as I have stated in previous posts when it comes to bonuses… I did get 2 decent hits right out of the gates… as usual. Those gains instantly disappeared before even getting to 5% playthrough.

All slot play. Zero variation in betting.

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pretty much need to hit a small jackpot at least to have a chance

I made it through my play through wit roughly $40 left in my bankroll

Tbh. I get through the rollover kinda easy. But I have the nasty habit of continuing to play and get greedy

Made it through 6% of my playthrough today.
Absolutely terrible. Blahhh

Something seems fishy , today again I made it through only 6% of my playthrough.
Slots were terrible.
Bonus round paid $3 and I was betting $4.
What a disappointment
Played the new horse game. Was betting $6 and consistently winning $0.35.
I’m titanium level, and I’ve put a crap load of money through this place in the last 2 weeks.
My bonus offers are terrible. I don’t qualify for cash back like other players but no one can tell me why… they just say it’s up to the promotion team. Well I think the promotion team is not doing a very good job because all my promotions I get offered are pretty weak.
I really like playing here but it’s getting to the point where I can’t seem to win enough to keep playing for more than 30 minutes. If that.

And sure I’ve had some good wins but always with a crap ton of playthrough left. By the time I get through it or even close its lights out. Everything goes cold. The new games are pretty cheesy. There’s another thread to give ideas for new games and announce new games but I seem to be the only one who posts on it.
I guess if you don’t play poker on this website no one cares.
I try using the free poker tickets I get but my god it takes forever , sometimes a couple minutes to get through one hand of Hold em. Gets boring and old real fast. Not my cup of tea but I don’t know what else to do with these poker tickets… would be nice if I could trade them in for something for the casino.

All promotions are different, the majority of them are casino based, but as you cannot swap a casino promotion for a poker bonus the same applies in reverse. We understand some people prefer poker and some prefer slots etc, which is why varied promotions are given out in order to try to keep all players happy.

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Bonus playthroughs are ridiculous. I’m platinum and still have a 50X requirement on the weekly 100% bonus. My gf is diamond and gets 25X. I guess rank has its privileges. So 100 deposit needs a 10K playthrough. I couldn’t do that if I hit a progressive, yet here I go. Hey, Ignition, could you at least put the progressive amounts back to where you can see them without having to click in to each game? Quit trying to fix the things that aren’t broke, Instead, try fixing the things that are, like your rtp % lately.

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So, here we go got a new week, bonuses refreshed.

I’ll post a screenshot of the playthrough progress if I don’t complete it… genuinely had a decent last week IRL and at work… feeling pretty good. I’m optimistic by nature so let’s see how this unravels


Yep so 6th week in a row unable to break the playthrough requirement… only 1 week was I able to even break 75%.

Its only 34% because I turned the 15,000 bonus points into something usable on slots, to top it off.

Is there a reason Ignition can’t afford newer slot licensing? I mean some of this stuff looks straight out of the late 1990s and just when you think hey i’ll give it a chance you kinda realize yeah, this is bootsy af.

I’ll also bring up the fact that the site is willing to pay you out the bonus points, the poker ticket, but until you either finish that playthrough or lose… you will not see those 25 free spins.

Same for you guys?

Can you elaborate what you mean here regarding to “you will not see those free spins”
The spins are added as a separate reward to the others, and are not linked in any way. If you haven’t been receiving your free spins please speak to us and we will look into it for you.

We all get the free spins eventually. What I meant was after a deposit, free spins tend to be the last thing to show up. Usually after going bust. The free rewards points and poker ticket always show up shortly after the deposit.

Yes, that is sometimes the case, as long as you are getting them, I thought you were saying you weren’t receiving them.

Are you allowed to play at the casino Davy or is that conflict of interest? Just curious if you have experience, truly, from the player’s end.

I don’t have a personal private account, but I have a test account naturally, so I can play anything, but without withdrawing I’m afraid, purely for testing issues and gameplay etc.

Alright I wasn’t trying to be blindly critical of your experience, just curious


Seriously!! It’s been rough the last two months! Barely can get up to $50 or $100 and if I do … better get out of the game otherwise it burns back fast like the game went DEAD!

Rough is quite the understatement. I’ve never seen a stretch in my life, online or brick and mortar casino like the past couple months here. On top of that… the inconsistency with rewards/perks and the timeframes they get added. The below average quality of support assisting you on any particular issue.

Consistency is key in many aspects of life. But in customer service it’s imperative. As far as crypto cashback goes… I received it within a 5 minute timeframe every Tuesday in memory up until this past month. Now it’s been issued to me anywhere between 2:30 pm and 5pm. Last Tuesday it was literally issued at 4:58pm. Gotta love the diamond VIP treatment here provided by promotions and support.