What is the point of silver gold platinum and diamond

I am a business owner and we live on customer retention. I make sure my workers bring out the red carpet treatment every single time. On this sight they treat the customers like just another body. They take over 20-30 minutes to look for bonus offers and instead of the issue in hand they want to know about all our personal stuff. From bronze to diamond there isn’t much difference at all. Honestly if you guys want to be successful take care of the customers that take care of you. Don’t treat them like a next !!! Come on guys get it right


I have preached the lack of caring from this site when it comes to customer retention. They don’t care the least bit at all about keeping the customers they have left. For weeks, since the system problems started, they continue to decline when it comes to customer appreciation. I have no idea how they think this is acceptable. I have played on this site since it opened and deposit thousands and thousands of dollars every single month on this site, you would think they would want to keep that kind of business and loyalty… they couldn’t care less. These are the most disgusting weeks I have ever seen over my many many years of playing here. It’s pathetic and just keeps getting worse.


You are :100: right on and I’m so glad it’s not only happening to me. They truly treat me like just a number. No matter how many times I tell them PLEASE NO PERSONAL QUESTIONS they still do sarcastically. Tell me another site that has these games and I’m gone.

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Yeah, I just missed the birthday bonus last year and made Platinum a few days late, granted my birthday was during all the downtime and issues, but I’ve referred at least 5 real money new people here in the last year and have deposited near every week and got less than half of what appeared to be the standard Platinum Level bonus, was a little bummed when it finally showed.

I’ve told them that till I am blue in the face might as well be bronze heck they get same rewards as I do and Im diamond level