Wheels XL glitches

It’s ridiculous how much wheels xl glitches. I was playing yesterday on a .40 cent bet and finally got the bonus wheel. It first stopped at 500x then glitches and went to 8x. Has anyone else experience something like that before?

I had this happen twice once on ignition and the other Bovada. First time I figured it was a connection issue, but a second time makes me think it’s more. I took a snap of it when it happened on Bovada.

Any videos you can send will help too.

But remember with RNG games like this; as soon as you click ‘spin’ the computer already knows the result. The rest of the animation is just for enjoyment.

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I used to experience this, but me and a few other players reported a similar issue where the screen would freeze if you hit more than 3 winning lines over on slots forum, provided info they asked for like time of spins, & about a week later it they seemed to fix the issue which also resolved the issue you’re talking about. At least for me it did, I’ve never had it happen again on slots ignition
or cafe.

Weird that you’re still experiencing this, have you tried lowering the graphics settings?

It 's not optimized for mobile, and has nothing to do with the gameplay itself. You never won 500x.

Surprisingly gameplay on my phone is way smoother than my desktop or either one of my laptops.