Where are all the tournaments?!?!

there is no 125 ko at 4:15 or 109 6max and you combined the 109 and the 82 ko into one. what is going on ? The day is so much more boring now

I’m sorry to hear that @meatball. We make changes to our tournament schedule based on demand and player’s feedback, and although these may have been removed, we have added other tournaments.

I’m going to move this to ‘On Hold’ for the time-being, and we can revisit it in the future if we receive further demand.

The new tournaments are all lower stakes and the trash 8888888 or 77777777 or 666666666 format which is HORRIBLE. Just give us good non turbo tournaments and i wouldnt complain. Also, the rest of the week is fine but getting rid of those two tournaments on a sunday is just very frustrating. I dont get to play every sunday and when i do i want to play as many good higher staked games as i can and those tournaments ALWAYS hit their guarantees so why get rid of them

I understand that it may be frustrating for you, and I’ll certainly pass your feedback on. As I said, we’re certainly open to looking into this again later on down the line if there’s a further demand for it.

Would like to see more 6 max tournies. Don’t see them in lobby. If they are there, is there a way to show how many seats are in tourney? Right now, the lobby is too small to list the entire tourney name, most of it is truncated. Is it also possible to increase the size of the lobby?