Why is Ignition the only major poker platform that refuses to have an auto top up feature?

I just finished a hand. I lost 20bb in the previous hand, I got to the next hand short 20bb, I did not know I would lose the hand or I would have already manually topped up as always, now I get AKs I squeeze and get shoved on, call and another player calls. I end up winning with a flush, I now have just 240bb approx where as normally id have 300bb if I were to have been topped up.

That’s about half of a buy in I’m missing out on because there’s no auto top up feature which makes absolutely no sense because auto top up is just a super standard feature of poker.

I play tens of thousands of hands per month so this is one hand out of thousands so there is no telling how much money I am short because of this.

I really love Ignitions layout out of all other sites. Please add more features. Also to view in BB instead of money. Man Ignition would be so perfect then.

Thank you.

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