Why not higher dollar Triple Up 9 handed games

Why not have higher dollar triple up 9 handed games than $25? I really enjoy these games, but don’t understand why they aren’t offered in higher dollar configurations than $25.


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I’ll pass on your feedback, and let you know once I hear back with more information.



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I will second this, as well. It seems silly to have one of the most popular SNG formats on the site be basically maxed out at $25, it you want to move up in the Triple up format, you have to switch to 6 mans and the next level that isn’t a massive jump is a turbo. I think a $50+5, 9 person regular speed would be a perfect fit, or change the $40+4 which currently rarely runs (I believe) to a 9 person regular speed tournament. I have not been looking forward to having to learn double or nothings or hyper tournaments in order to move up in SNGs

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Just a FYI, my reply was for the initial OP of Holdem Triple Ups and not for PLO tournaments.

@Steven My apologies! I’ve moved it back now.

Just dropping in to let you know that at the moment, we don’t have any plans to offer these at higher configurations as we haven’t seen much demand for them.

Although I’m moving this over to ‘Dismissed’, we’ll be more than happy to re-visit this again in the future if there’s further response to it.

Please add higher stake SNGs, the biggest buy-in for a 9-man triple up is 27.50. We want to play for more than 27.50! Please make a $40-$50 buy-in for a 9-man triple-up table. Thank you very much - Nikko Ceoux

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We regularly review our SNG offerings, and if we receive a higher demand for higher stake 9-man triple ups, it’s certainly something we can look into it.

$50+5 regular speed triple up


Hopefully ill be sending people to this forum to express their need for bigger regular speed 9-man triple-up buy-ins.


I am also still very much behind this!


Hey everyone, Sam is out but I’m here to provide some some good news.

We’ve looked further into this, and considering the interest our Poker Team has agreed to add a Hold’Em Triple Up 9 handed game with a $50 + $5.00 entry amount.

This will replace the Hold’em Triple up Turbo 6 handed game for $40 +$4.00.

You should now be able to locate these tournaments in your Lobby, and thank you for all the feedback and interest in this topic! We have now moved this over to ‘Delivered’.


This is awesome, thank you!!!


This is the best news all day! Thank you so much!