Withdraw taking forever

Ever since these “technical issues”, I can’t play Poker Cash games, but I can play Zone Poker?

I can make deposits, but when I try to make a withdraw it’s been stuck on “being reviewed.”

On another note;
I asked my friend, who also plays on this site, and he said he was able to withdraw $1,300 no problem yesterday which made me very suspicious. He said it took less than an hour, which it always does.

I still have a pending withdraw, and I’ve read on the forum that some people have the same problems. Ignition has been VERY SUS lately.
No agents in the Live Chat too; I don’t know what’s going on, but this whole month I’ve seen new messages on the front page talking about “maintenance this, maintenance that, SOME players will experience issues about ETC, DDOs attacks, fixing issues.”

It’s just weird that I can make a deposit, and it’ll hit my account instantly, but as soon as I withdraw I’m waiting all day for it, when my friend waits less than an hour for a withdraw…

Sometimes internal departments do reviews on withdrawals to make sure everything is as it should be, and this will cause a slight delay in them being processed.

Is there anyway to request an expedited review for a withdraw. Im only at 10 hours and i know it states up to 24 hours, previous smaller only took 30 minutes day prior so I figured worth the ask.

I’m afraid we cannot expedite withdrawals.

Thank you for letting me know

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It’s at 32 hours now. Still not withdrawn and because I didn’t want to cancel it and send a new one I lost the 900 bankroll I built up that was to be cashed out after it sent, like a good degen i gambled it… Can’t get ahold of chat if needed, tried twice yesterday to post sale posts here neither showed up or were approved. So I’m back to hating this site with a passion now.

Apologies for the wait.
There is a 3 day wait in-between withdrawals of the same currency, this is why it has not been sent out yet.
As you can see here:

Wait. So if I sent it as ETH it would have gone?!

Yes it would.

Omfg, so I could have saved my 900 if I had known that nuance, canceled the transfer, and sent it as a different coin instead.

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The 3 days would only apply to the same currency, if you mix them you will get faster payouts.

Thank you for tha, that helps a lot. Unfortunately I asked it the right way with a twist of sore loser a day late.

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At least you are aware for next time!

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I DMed a mod account regarding a withdrawal. Not sure if it is delayed or if this is a new normal. Thx

I haven’t seen a message, who did you send it to?
Is this being looked into or do you mean you sent it just now?

Sent it to the Foster account a few hours ago but now I can’t find it…sorry.

Basically it went to “in progress” within the usual time, but it is still pending. I have no recent withdrawals, which is the only thing that has delayed one from the usual 46min. First time in 2 years, so yea if you don’t mind checking id appreciate it.

Foster isn’t here.
Always add moderators to the message then whoever is here will see it, or you might be waiting a few days for a reply!
I’ll take a look for you now.

Well that explains a lot, thanks for the info!

@Fuggit This has now been re-processed and sent out.

You rock, cheers.

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