Won a "Major" Jackpot @ $20/spin - What Happened?

Was playing $20/spin on the XL game, when the grand prize was over half a million dollars. I got the jackpot wheel, and hit Major Jackpot, and was paid a grand total of around $540.

For reference, at $2 a spin, and a $31k grand prize currently, the same jackpot is $8k.

Someone please make me understand this, it is absolutely surreal.

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Ask for Ignition to review the spin and see if there is a game error. Sorry to hear this happened.

Hi @Fuggit,

Please send us a PM and provide us with more details such as; the time and date you were playing this game. In addition, if you have any screenshots, please forward them to us.

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Thank you for the reply. PM sent with what info I have on the spin in question.

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Happens every so often on that game, guarantee they will come back to you and say someone won it right before you did and the jackpot amount hadn’t reset yet…


Had a similar situation happen not long ago…

Hit the wheel bonus finally. Screen changed over, I clicked spin, the wheel made a good 1.93 turns before the whole screen froze up. Audio continued on though. The ticker went on for what seemed like ages for what had to of been a huge win (in my eyes anyway). Upon eventually reloading the page, the only change to my balance was it was short one bet amount from the previous spin.

Just so happened to be screen recording when it happened. Chat support wanted nothing to do with the screen record and after receiving 3-4 emails stating they would reach out for assistance shortly I finally gave up hope.

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