Won't load cash tables

Only took a couple of hours to figure this game out. I can only load zone tables lol… you will loose allot of blinds and minimum preflop raises maybe ($1 )b4 you win a measly 17 cents. Haha btw I can’t get a response from so called support chat about it not loading tables ,even tho it says to let them know!

Hey @Aria_123,

Can you please provide us with some more information about the issue that you experienced? Were you able to connect to the table? Did you receive any error messages?

Also, I was only able to locate a blank email that you sent us where our Customer Service replied asking for more information. Can you confirm if there was another interaction that I can review?

This happens for 20 tries in a row or until I just quit playing and logout.

@Aria_123 thank you for the screenshot. Is this happening mid hand or prior to taking your seat?

Aside from logging out and back in have any other troubleshooting steps been done?

It won’t let me sit. Only says that.

And logging out and back in doesn’t fix it allot of the times.

It might be worth trying the troubleshooting steps outlined here.

If you’re still encountering this pop-up after those steps, let us know and we’ll take a further look.