Worst ignition moments

-On a free spin bonus on 777. With a minimum win of $50. I won $150 on extra spins but only got to cash out $50 due to Max winning requirements.
-On a refer-a-friend bonus. I got $100 of free play. I got all the way up to $550 and lost it all with .50Cent-$1 Slot bets. At 80% playthrough.
-If I deposit $30, I get 25 free spins, ignition miles, and A poker ticket. I deposited $30.50 through Coinbase. Ignition only received $29.99 and I didn’t get the bonuses.
-When I get a free spins bonus on slots. The screen will skip, then give me an error screen.
-During a free spins, error occurred. I tried to refresh the game to resume the spins. I didn’t get them back. I tried to contact support but they said I didn’t have free spins?
-I’ve been here for 2 years and have never hit a jackpot on slots. I’ve never won anything over a grand.

Hi @Sergio12313,

We’re sorry to hear about the error that occurred while you were playing. Please try to clear the cache and cookies from your device on a regular basis to avoid having disconnections.

If there is a game in particular which you wish to discuss, kindly send us a PM with the time and date you had this issue, so that we can assist you further.

I use google chrome which is supposed to be the best app for it. And this was a while back. Nothing I can do about it now🤷🏻‍♂️

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If you have an issue in the future, please let us know.

I okay Wheels Reels XL only

I got on losing streak

Around $5k moved to $100-spin

It was okay then got down to $1k maybe $700

I am spinning $100- prob 80 spins no wheel or free spins

Then I got wheel !

Yes! Jackpot wheel
The payouts…
Vegas & Mega - crazy
Major & Minor I was eying $1-4k
Mini $252

You already know what happened

If I had hit anything else even 5X I would of been double the better

A few years ago there was a night I got tilted. Had worked a small deposit up to a little under $2k, was spinning $1/spin and down a few hundred, changed to $5/spin and got down to a grand, moved to $20/spin and finally hit a 15 spin, 3x bonus that paid 0.5x total.

That reminds me when I won 18k on wheels, I switched too 100$ spines got into the bonus 6 times at 100$ and hit the miner jackpot all 6 times for like 100 apiece .