Wrong dates and times for second Mad Monday?

I’m looking in the scheduled tournament lobby at the Mad Monday that starts January 26 except that is a Sunday not a Monday and the events go from the middle of Sunday to early morning Monday which makes it barely even happening on Monday. I can’t help but to think that the dates and times are wrong. I remember a few months back when there was a Mad Monday and this same issue also happened but the dates and times were fixed after it was pointed out.

We’ll take a look into this and circle back with clarification :slight_smile:

I’ve heard back, and the scheduled date and time is correct for this tournament.

If you come across anything else, do let us know! :slight_smile:

I’m curious why you guys named this series Mad Monday, yet it starts on Sunday afternoon and runs mostly on a Sunday and into early Monday morning? The start times of most of these tournaments are during the lowest volume hours of the day so I am a bit confused still as to why these times are being used for the series. Pretty much every Mad Monday series in the past has started at 9:20 AM EST on Monday but this Mad Monday starts on Sunday at 5:20 PM EST.

@DonkeyShow In regards to the naming and start times of the specific tournaments you’ve mentioned; although it is Sunday in North America, the platform is shared with other sites that are in different timezones in which these tournaments are geared towards.

Having different tournament series to target different time zones make sense. I guess my recommendation would be to not use the same name for different tournament series when they target different time zones. Having two tournament series that both are called Mad Monday, but have completely different tournament start times can be confusing to players and cause them to not plan accordingly to play in them, which will reduce player turnout/entries for these tournament events.

I see there are a bunch of “Mad Monday” tournaments tomorrow scheduled on Sunday, January 26 starting around 5:20 EST. The scheduling just seems weird…The “Mini Main” and “Main Event” don’t start until 11:20p and 11:40p respectively. There are also events starting all the way until 7AM on Monday. With the odd scheduling and, of course, calling them “Mad Monday” tournaments that start mid-day Sunday, I thought it may have been a mistake. Normally the main events on Ignition start around 5-6p.

On another note - can we get a larger buy-in heads up tournament for Superbowl weekend? I know $100 $10k has run on this site before. I’d be a lot more interested in one of those as opposed to the $30 $3k.

@LightOfGldnTreasure I want to start off by welcoming you to the forum.

I’ve moved your question over to this topic as it’s been discussed in the past and hope that it answers your question regarding the start times of the tournaments.

In regards to your additional note; I would recommend creating a separate topic under feedback for larger buy ins and we can see how the other forum members feel about this as well.

You never responded about my suggestion of naming tournament series different names if they are targeting different time zones with different time schedules. Calling two different tournament series Mad Monday that have totally different tournament start times is unnecessarily confusing. Thanks.

@DonkeyShow I’m sorry for not getting back to you. We will pass this information along and can update this topic if any change is made.