Yet again, ignition takes my ticket and doesn't give me a seat

how have you not fixed this yet???

freeroll #53801266. it took my ticket, told me i’m registered, then when the tourney started, no seat. as usual. no “take my seat” button, just the “view table” button. can’t see “(me)” in the player list.

running the latest 4.117.00 on windows. reinstalled just in case. version number didn’t change. when i restarted the software, the tournament lobby for the freeroll popped up. so it’ knows i’m in the tournament, but still no “take my seat” button.



please do NOT just give me yet another ticket to another freeroll that you will yet again deny me a seat. a seat at the freeroll has financial value, a free ticket to another freeroll is of no value to me when i earn them every week anyway. never mind that it has no value if it won’t let me take a seat.

giving someone a seat after they register is ridiculously basic. come ON guys, really!! WTF!!

LOL! after posting i checked one last time and it finally let me in. with like 3 big blinds left in the big blind. priced in, i called my stack off and busted the first hand.

so ok, change the problem to “wouldn’t let me take my seat for over 30 minutes.”

here’s my theory: you don’t have the infrastructure necessary to support that many players, so instead of spending money on more/better hardware and/or software, you just deny a seat when you hit max capacity. so maybe i was able to get in when enough people busted out.

you really need to fix this problem. it’s not at all fair to me to not be able to start until i’m chipped off down to 3 big blinds when everyone else had a normal starting stack and 40 minutes of play ahead of me.

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Every Thursday and Sunday fir over 2 months now,i haven’t played in any freeroll tournaments,tickets disappear cant register,NO FREE BONUS TICKETS OFFERED

same, most weeks now i don’t even bother trying. last time i complained they gave me a replacement ticket to another weekly freeroll, which is comically absurd.

Can you please tell me if there’s any error message? I’d recommend to go through some troubleshooting steps.

there was never any error message.

i followed the troubleshooting steps, thanks, i will post again if it happens next week.

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