You almost lost me with the welcome bonus language

The language is deceptive. I’m not so naive as to be ultately surprised that not all of the poker bonus was available right away to spend, but that’s how the explanation reads. “Both of these bonuses are immediately available for spending”. That seems to make it pretty clear, but of course its not that simple. To someone who hasn’t played on other sites, this will be seen as a bait and switch.

But I realize as an individual, I have very limited impact. That’s why I post here, for others to agree or disagree.

Either way, I appreciate the responses, and I hope to see a change in the future.

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Hi @CovertCollin I am assuming you are referring to the casino/poker welcome bonus.
The casino bonus is available to play, but the poker bonus is added as you play.
Each time you play poker you are awarded miles, and these will unlock the bonus into cash.
You can see more information of this promotion here.

All I’m saying is that the language is deceptive, since 200% bonus is not available immediately, 100% is, 200% is not.

If someone deposits $50 and 50$ worth of bonus is available instantly then that is 100% not 200% available immediately.

Ok then why: "Just enter your preferred casino deposit amount,

☆☆☆☆claim the Poker & Casino Welcome Bonus, and watch your account instantly double in size via a 200% match up to $2,000. These bonus funds are immediately☆☆☆

made available for wagering purposes, giving you “spending money” of sorts with which to explore the site’s expansive menu of more than 200 slots, table games, and video poker variants. Looking to deposit with Bitcoin?"

As per the terms, as you can see in the link I posted above:

The Poker portion of the Welcome Bonus is unlocked by playing Poker and earning Ignition Miles over the next 30 days.
The Poker bonus amount will be unlocked at a rate of $1 for every 30 Ignition Miles earned in Poker. Ignition Miles are credited upon exiting a cash game table or finishing a Poker Tournament. All issued bonuses are based on the Ignition Miles you earn in Poker within 30 days of your qualifying deposit.

You keep restating the rule. I meant. Everyone knows the rule that has been a member long enough, it’s people that have not that are targeted by the language in the quote that I copy pasted.

Yes I can see that, but did you see what I posted? Just because it says it correctly on one part of the website doesn’t mean a new member is going to have read that before making their first deposit. And just because it says it correctly on 1 part of the website doesn’t make it ok to say it incorrectly and in a misleading way on another. You keep defending the rule and the rule is not what is I’m questioning. I’m asking why does it say it like that on that part of the website that I quoted?

Where are you seeing the part that you quoted? I only saw the actual promotion terms.

Under the Welcome Bonus section of the Promotions tab.

This is what I’m seeing, Are you seeing something different?

Yes under deposit bonuses that’s what it says, read under “welcome bonuses”

This is the welcome bonus page:

Can you give me a link to what page you are referring to?

Ok I see what you are referring to now. Thank you.
It does however state that the poker bonus will unlock over the next 30 days, but I will pass on your feedback regarding this.

And then again here it says it without mentioning the playthrough

Actually the worst is at the bottom of the page.

I do understand what you are saying.

All bonuses have a playthrough requirement, this is pretty industry standard.

It will advise you in the terms and also when you go to redeem the bonus what playthrough requirements are, and you can also keep an eye on the progress from your reward section too.

There is also a complete section in the help pages that explains how bonuses work, and also about rollover.
You can check that out here.

I understand how it works now, it isn’t the point. It’s misleading to those who are first joining. Industry standard, I can say that nobody in the USA is going to know that minus 2 states, since this is the only website we can play.

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