Zone or cash? (Rake question)

Does anyone know what the rake is like in 5 NL zone? It seems like this game is super hard to beat when it shouldn’t be because the player pool is not very skilled. I’m wondering if it is because you are simply losing a ton of BBs to the rake. Are you better off playing 4 tables of 5nl cash? I like to be able to play a lot of volume in a short amount of time but I think you can get as many hands in with 4 tables as you can playing two tables of zone am I wrong?

And is the rake higher in zone than cash?

Hey @River_Phoenix,

The Rake would be the same for both Zone and Cash tables and you can find more information about it here.

Now, the average number of hands per hour you can expect to see in Zone games is between 200 - 250, whereas, in Cash games, you will see an average of 75 hands per hour on a 9-max table and 90 hands per hour on a 6-max table.

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so i avg around 55 hands per table on reg cash games (6max)

and around 175 hands per table on zone

here is a copy and paste on the subject:

5nl a 200bb all in pot would be: $10.00 x 5% is $0.50 rake (under cap) 5% rake
10nl a 200bb all in pot would be: $20.00x5% is $1.00 rake (under cap of $2.00) 5% rake
25nl: $50.00x5% is $2.50 rake (over cap of 2.00) 4% rake
50nl: (rake cap is raised) $100.00x5% is $5.00 rake (over cap of 4.00) 4% rake
100nl: $200 x 5% is $10 rake (over cap of 4.00) 2% rake
200nl: $400 x 5% is $20 rake (over cap of 4) 1% rake
500nl: $1000 x 5% is $50 rake (over cap of 4) .4% rake

5% rake vs .4% rake

that is why they say you should move up as soon as you can.
players are better at higher stakes so i guess its a balancing act.

so after reviewing this a bit more, there is another massive advantage for playing higher stakes.

any pot over $80.00 is rake capped at $4.00
that can happen pretty often in a 3bet pot on $500nl

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Thank you guys for the simplified explanations I’ve been wondering about this for years. So I’m assuming two tabling zone you can get in massive volume that’s dope. 360 four tabling 6 max and 500 two tabling zone.

edit I tried this… just played for about 15 minutes or so playing two tables of zone and two of reg cash. It is like hyper mode it gets your adrenaline going but I get overwhelmed after awhile. You can get in a ton of hands this way though I’d assume. Idk how people play like 10+ tables at once I would just be pressing buttons.

yeah its like total stress for me haha but at times i love it.

other times i like just 6max slow time bank games where i can watch a video on the side