Ignition stole my money!

I beg to differ . If I purchase Something and pay but never received what I purchased in the eyes of the law that’s theft


@Davy … Can we get some tranparancy? Some answers? Anything? It has been over 22 hours since my deposit went missing and I have yet to receive any answers… all I get is “just keep waiting”… what happened to the deposits? What are the “teams” looking into? What happened? Where is our money?

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I don’t have any information.
All I know is there are transaction delays I do not have any technical information or specific details as to what is causing the delays.

Davy I sent you an email. Can you please take a look? Im so confused


Sites a scam, regardless of when you get your money that is in their wallet no question, you will lose the money with all the issues the site is having.

The canned responses of its your fault. Your pcs/phone, your internet, your browser, your cache, the blockcain are all major indicators this ship is sinking and they are all too happy to keep stealing funds until they either get sued or bought out.


@Davy … in what world is that an acceptable answer when handling a real money operation? “We don’t know anything, sorry for your missing money” “Just keep an eye on your account”… is this site seriously not the least bit concerned about keeping the players they haven’t lost yet?


It’s never acceptable in any business in the real world there would be lawsuits

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Davy you’re awesome. I appreciate your efforts in trying to help resolve this as much as your capable of. I know this is out of your hands

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Hey Davy for this week i lost worth $2750 since this website have problem can you help me with something bcuz i didnt receive any free spins rewards points or not even poker

I was never compensated for the money that went missing in my account either while playing a live dealer game. Was only $35 but still, I placed a bet and then for whatever reason was kicked from the hand. The money was never returned to my account and I was never dealt into the hand as I watched the hand get dealt. I want my $35 back, not an inconvenience bonus that has a ridiculous playthrough requirement. And the bonus wasn’t even the same amount of money I had taken from me

You received your rewards on Monday 23rd.

Can you PM the details of the tourney and we will take a look.

I received a $25 bonus with ridiculous playthrough requirement. I WANT MY $35 BACK THATS WITHDRAWALABLE! Not a bonus with impossible playthrough requirement.

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Ive already sent the details of it and nthing was done about it other than an unwanted bonus was given.

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Has anyone received their deposit yet??? 36 hrs and counting @moderators

It has been escalated thanks for your patience, once we have an update we will share.

The deposit is now posted for use, thanks for your time.

Same thing has happened to me!!!

I made two deposits yesterday from my cash app, after doing so you guys updated one of the charges for a transaction that never took place. I need a response and fix asap. You straight up stole it from my account.

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