$100 jackpot sit&go's gone?

Is this permanent? If so why? Not like there were a lack of players playing in them


At this moment in time, there seem to be 5 different Jackpot Sit and Gos which you may choose from. Yes, the Tournaments and their buy-ins may change.

There are 5 to choose from, correct. However do you think that someone looking for a $100 game would be interested in playing a 50 cent game? Lol. Iā€™m just wondering why the decision was made to drop the 100 and if the players have any say in the matter to bring it back.

We will double check with our Poker Team and keep you updated.

Thank you!

We appreciate the feedback @Ra4arara and the $100 will be coming back soon.

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I just wanted to reach out and let you know that these are available again

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