2 Winning Paylines not paid

So, I was playing Monster Manor last night spinning a whopping .50 per spin, the game play was fine and fluid on each losing spin. Then I hit a winning pay line and the game freezes, no disconnection message, music still playing, simply no spin, no pay, nothing. I always do the clear cache, and the “troubleshooting steps” prior to any gambling, so let’s disregard that line of reasoning. So I refresh the game, come back and the prior spin continues and it’s the same winning pay line as I had expected and hoped it would be… freezes again. This time I close the browser reopen the site and go back to play Monster Manor to collect, nope nothing there, so I spin a couple times and lose, the game play is normal. Then comes another winning payline and sure enough, frozen. In the same exact way the last winning spin I had, had done.
Tried live chat, couldn’t get an agent. I called and spoke with a CSR and after reviewing my game play history, and admittedly seeing where the game froze on those 2 instances denied to credit me with the winnings from them. The gentleman could not give me any valid response or reasoning for refusing to pay me what was clearly a win, regardless of how small it may be. I’ve lost A LOT of money on Ignition and haven’t had a withdrawal in nearly a year, so to cheat me out of a couple dollars when I undoubtedly won them is beyond my level of comprehension.
He then suggested I go back and try the game again, and if it happens I should call Customer Service back…. Yeah, let me go win another one and have you tell me I’m not getting payed for it, great idea. Really disappointing.

Please provide exact date and time (EST) of the incident as well as bet amount and account balance. We’ll look into it.

This was at approximately 12AM on May 11th.
The bet amount was only .50 cent

I couldn’t tell you the exact time or account balance… but im almost certain it was under $10

Thank you, I’ll take a look.