$25 live dealer


Can someone please look into this for me… have already had escalated but have heard nothing back…. I received an email on march 12 that I would receive a $25 bonus to play live dealer. I have yet to received that….
Included is a screenshot of the email….

Thank you for looking into this for me.

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This is escalated and you’ll be informed once update is available.

Thank you Carrie

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Mine is the same as well

Yours was also escalated by CS, they will reach out to you when they get an update from marketing.

I got it but never try live dealers but the funny thing is that the emai don’t specify the limit table so since I got $25 I picked the $25 limit and one hand took it all so keep that in mind.

now I now next time I get another offer


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If you have a $25 bonus, and the table minimum you select is $25 then it will of course use it in a single hand.

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A buddy that i refered recieved it and seems like you all recieved it. How com i didnt get anything?

These kind of things are typically targeted at certain player groups, so if you didn’t get a notification I’m afraid you were not eligible for this particular promotion.