3 days and my Ethereum transaction is still pending

I used Blockchain.com to swap $400 Ethereum to Bitcoin with the intention to deposit here but the swap has been pending for 3 days.

Anyone have this happen? Their support team is non existent.

I did a swap a few days ago without issue, I would advise you speak to them on live chat if you are still having problems.

I’ve done many swaps without any problems as well, first time I’ve had an issue.

I tried contacting their chat support that same day but they just said someone will contact me through email. Still haven’t heard anything from anyone🤦‍♂️

That is an on-chain transaction. Meaning you can check out what is going on, on Etherscan. You would need to paste your wallet address here or take a look yourself.

With ERC-20 txs, you do have the ability to correct a transaction that is stuck due to not paying enough gas fees. If the ETH is still in your actual wallet and not pending on-chain, you can load your private key into any other wallet, and send out your ETH to a different wallet (such as Ignition’s) like usual.

Not sure why you would want to swap to BTC instead of just depositing the ETH. But that would be my recommendation,

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Yea, was able to follow it to this address