9 Player Table in Limit

OK, here’s the deal: I believe it would be more beneficial to the Limit players if the 9-player table option was opened and the 6-player table option closed.

Here is my reasoning. Several times I have left a 6-player game to return shortly thereafter to find my self sitting alone at a 6-player table waiting for a seat at the, now full, 6-player table. During these times I notice anywhere from 2 to 5 players enter the my single player table only to immediately leave because they want to play at a table with multiple players already there - as do I.

The reasons for this, I believe, is multifold. 1) If you start playing heads up then you will not be transferred to the full table when an open seat becomes available. 2) Most people don’t want to play heads-up. 3) You are constantly in a blind with no relief 4) it’s too costly between blinds and rake.

By opening the 9 person table and closing the 6 you can accommodate more players who want to play limit where, as of now, you have cash players abandoning trying to get on a table (see #2 above) and thereby loosing that player to the game they wanted to play OR you subject the player to constantly entering and leaving repeatedly in an effort to get onto a table with multiple players.

As there is no difference in 6 people playing at a 9 player table or a 6 player table, the lack of additional seating deprives those wanting to play the opportunity due to “lack of seating.”

There is already is a 9 player table option in NL. Even if you just open the 9 player table option without closing the 6 it will give limit players an option to seek a free seat at tables with more players.

As it stands now, without an option to mark yourself as “only waiting for an open seat at a full table” so as not to become involved in a heads-up, many players are deprived or inconvenienced trying and trying to get on a table with multiple other players. Let’s make it simple - less players less rake.

At least open the 9 seat table option in cash LH.

Kindest regards. :slight_smile:

Yes please!

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