Account blocked from withdrawal

This has happened twice now where I have entered the correct pin and got denied and then blocked. Can someone please unblock my account and let me withdraw my money.

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same thing is happening to me please contact us

Hopefully they respond sooner than when 24 hours is up, but I doubt it.

yep this is happening to me too. it doesnt matter after the 24 hours are up. same problem over and over. chat cant help either. you change the pin to the new pin, it doesnt work. the pin system is not working, its all pretty weird… basically we cannot withdraw. can someone please help me. this is weird

Same thing happened to me . I got the account unlocked by a rep on the help chat . The pin I was using to withdraw was correct the whole time . Now I’m trying to make a deposit with my visa card I’ve used over 50x and now it won’t allow me to deposit either

If anyone gets a blocked account, please send a pm to moderators and we can escalate it for you