Advice For My Fellow Members

Hi yall Kev here.
Tired of the Cash App limits on sending and once a day transaction for Bitcoin? Me too. It’s Bulll$#!+ to me every time I do it now. But I have a solution for us and those of us that only have cash too.
Find Your Local Bitcoin ATM or crypto machine around you. You should already have a regular bitcoin wallet. If not don’t trip homies. has a wallet waiting for you and free. It’s simple and easy yall.
Dont Know How To Use A Bitcoin ATM?
HOPE THIS HELPS… :fist::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


This is pretty sound advice but the issue is that local Bitcoin ATMs charge RIDICULOUS fees (anywhere from 6%-%20) and Cash@pp, while annoying, only charges %2.5 fee.

But Cash App is only allowing 1 bitcoin transaction to external wallets once every 24 hours. This rule was just applied by cash app

Yes I agree that sucks and is a stupid rule.

If you aren’t using an intermediary wallet between here and Cash App, you will get your account closed. If you are exchanging funds on this forum using Cash App with someone that does not use an intermediary wallet between here and Cash App, you will get your account closed.

They got me a 9 months ago when I bought $2,800 in btc to send to my Atomic Wallet to play in The Venom, closed my account in the time it took to get a confirmation on the blockchain, took 8 months, letters to my state AG, their state AG, the SEC and the CFPB before I heard anything, turned out it was a transfer I did on this forum with someone that violated their rules.

Exchange your btc for ltc to move money to and from here, the fees are less than a penny.

This maybe a little off topic but I don’t know much about how cash app works other than I’ve used it just for a way for my child’s mother to make her payments monthly. I am a stay at home dad. I do not have a bank account. For several personal reasons but that’s another story. However I was given a Google play card and don’t have much use for it other than I could use it for btc or cash I suppose for cash app transactions. It’s this possible to load a Google play balance to cash app? I would really hate to be forced to use this on something I don’t want it need. There are far more things I can think of that would suit my child and myself. Anyone have ideas I would love to hear them. Thanks sorry if this was dumb but I figured I could find some answers with some fellow online poker players.

@Businessox Most poker players have bank accounts. Do not keep entire funds in crypto. only other way is to use stored payment card with fees, and purchase crypto (more fees) with stored payment card. Most exchanges want a link to a bank account, so not sure if stored payment cards work.

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