Another little gift…

Was wondering about the “another little gift” program that used to be the “cash back” program. I have noticed I stopped getting those “another little gift” points once I started making withdrawals. March and April I got them at least 3 times and May was well, a mess so it’s hard to count that month but… in May I made 3 Withdraws and even though I have made deposits since I have not gotten any more “another little gift” points. Not only that but it seems my deposit bonus options have been narrowed down as well. Is this a common practice? Positive feedback from players is appreciated but all the negative Karen’s in the peanut gallery need not comment. It’s not very productive and adds nothing worthwhile to the conversation. Thanx


So you get to complain and everyone’s suppose to lift you up but not agree with you so basically you just wanna be lied to. okay, I’m sure if you keep depositing they will send you another little gift! Hold your breath!

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You days of getting gift are over, should have never made those withdrawals

I didn’t see where I was complaining, just asked a question. I don’t see why you negative Karens even play at a…… never mind see how unproductive……

You weren’t complaining? I’m confused, what exactly were you trying to do? And don’t really think Karen’s are all negative maybe misunderstood or scared or uneducated or spoiled rotten. But aren’t we all. I think calling people names or labeling people you don’t even know is really childish but once again we all get a little childish sometimes. I hope you have a wonderful day Russell, peace out and God bless!!

I asked a question. Is what I did. As far as labeling. All I have to go by is what is posted here. Obviously I got the response I wanted from the peanut gallery. You just happened to be the one that took the bait. (Wish I was at the poker table with you). My question about the gifts still stand but perhaps that was answered by the other person that responded. Hope not but we’ll see I guess.

As per a week or so ago, there will be no little gifts issued to anyone.

About 1 month ago I was issued “another little gift”… Ignition Miles equal to $250.00

I promptly exchanged about $220.00 worth for as many free spins and tournament buy-in tickets. Many of them were $2.00 sit and go… Just so I could practice against live opponents.
I found that if you use those miles for tourny tickets you can collect the winnings without the rollover requirement.
The remainder I collected as cash with 35x rollover.

Later that afternoon, I received another message in my inbox… it said the miles were given to me by mistake because they didn’t reflect my recent play. …

(I disagree with that as the certainly reflects my overall play since September 2021.)

The message also said they were going to remove them from my account but since I already exchanged for tournament tickets and played thru the majority of it (and lost, btw), they would let allow me, this one time to keep the remainder…

I don’t know if anybody else got a ton of miles right out of the blue, but if it was given to a few 100,000 players, then I can see why they have put the halt on free rewards drop.

I can say that I deserved that and more for the amount I’ve put in their bank.

If anybody else got that large rewards drop and played it out, let me know.
Also, let me know if you got them and didn’t redeem them…, were taken away?

Really going to miss those