Anti Money Laundering Policy

Ignition wants us to be understanding about the glitches that take our money without even the possibility of winning. Spin, error, lose wager isn’t a very fun game.

Yet Ignition still enforces it’s Anti Money Laundering Policy that does not allow players to withdraw your own funds you just deposited without meeting the 1X playthrough requirement. You deposit money, notice the casino isn’t working right. There is no response from customer service or moderators for hours, And you can’t get your money back no matter how many years you have been a customer or how much money you have deposited into Ignitions coffers.

Customers have no possibility of winning, no offer to refund lost cash ( Ignition miles with a 35x play though is not a refund) , and no ability to withdraw our funds. And you want us to be patient, understanding, and to trust you?

Allowing players to withdraw their own funds when the casino is not operating correctly would go a lot farther towards retaining players than apologies that are not really apologies. That would be a concrete step versus the current vague promises to do the right thing at some uncertain point in the future after the unsolvable problem is possibly solved, temporarily, for now, until its not, or is, or was, but will be tomorrow. But don’t worry because your funds are safe. You just have no possibility of ever seeing them again. Thank you (for being so gullible).

Ignition’s next hot game: “Heads Ignition wins, tails you lose.”

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This isn’t something that we would ever take away as it’s a very standard and necessary term. Almost every gaming site has rules in regards to this and is a necessary regulation.