Anybody winning

Ive literally deposited thousands without winning, anybody else dealing with this?

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Unfortunately, yes. Ive won one time but blew it back.

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Waste of time and money I hope they go outta business.

@LadyBosco No, not winning at all. It has become almost impossible. They let you win just enough to keep you thinking you’re close to a decent size hit, but not enough for a profitable withdrawal. Ridiculously frustrating.

Went through $700 today betting only $1&$2 a spin and it was all gone within 2 hours max. Couple wins 15-20X wager but no mega wins. No epic wins. Only a couple bonuses that paid max 9x my win. Never up at any point either. Horrible :disappointed:

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Past 2 weeks have been the absolute worst I have ever seen since playing here years ago. It’s actually laughable.

not winning a DARN THING! :confused: CURIOUS: how are the tables doing?

yep same here. on all platforms. even free spins given on the games are bootsie. Hella appreciate that they were given, but come on really?? On all 4 platforms smh

You got free spins?

It’s the same bullshit ever session. I’ll deposit $60 dollars and start spinning. I won’t hit shit till I get down to $20 or lower and it still won’t be over my initial deposit. Then the bonus spins if your even lucky enough to get those won’t even give me more than $15 in winnings. They never let you get ahead anymore cause if your ahead you’ll probably cash out. And when I play Texas holdem poker tournaments there’s so many bots it’s impossible to win a tournament now. They bait you to bet big with a big hand and when you go all in or bet big with the nuts it’s always someone who has nothing that will put his tournament life at risk that will hit runner runner to knock you out and then they move you or him to another table after the hand. That’s why they don’t allow you to talk to other players so your not able to find out who’s a bot. Ignition used to be fun and entertaining but now they are the worst site I have ever played on and it sucks because in my opinion they have the best slots and poker tables.

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yes they were attached to a deposit bonus

lmao you know I just came out of a tournament and experienced that very same thing!

I play everyday here on ignition and experience the same thing everyday hoping for a different outcome. There numbers generator is total bullshit but I’m the idiot that still keeps depositing everyday because I like there platform better than anyone else.


It’s supposed to be fun not frustrating. So if your not having fun give it a break and come back when your in a good enough mood that the outcomes of any gameplay can’t bring you down. I try to follow three rules personally ; 1. Only play with what I’m comfortable losing . 2. Have set win/loss limits in place before I play any session ( especially mid game set a limit to how much I’ll give back if I hit big) 3. If I’m not having fun I need to just hop off . If I break any of these it’s almost a guaranteed losing session . Too bad I’m not very good at following my own rules all

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I agree with the statement that it’s supposed to be fun but damn when you spin 68 times at $0.50 and out of those 68 spins you manage to only win 2 times that pays more than your $0.50 wager and those two wins paid a whole $1.10 a piece then it’s gonna be impossible to have fun. There is nothing fun about tapping the spin button to watch loser after loser after loser go across your screen and end up with a bullshit rtp of 20 on every game you play around here

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Thanks for responding guys. It makes me feel a little better that I’m not the only one getting bent over and violated every night lol. So being the gambler that I am since birth I’m still going to take it up the rear but from now on I’ll have a smile on my face cause y’all are right there with me.

Oh it’s miserable lately. They keep jacking up the jackpots but paying out zero winnings! I played last week gold beard since it was at 3k jackpot all the way up until it hit at 16k and had ZERO big wins. That’s just not possible haha

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Then don’t deposit and play on here if it’s never fun for you

It’s not that simple. If I were to do what you advise I would then be labeled as a quitter. No different than if I were to quit hitting the crack pipe every minute of every day. Now I’m not sure about you but I was raised to where if you fall off the horse you get back on and ride again. I feel like you are trying to tell me that it’s ok to be a quitter and if that is true that means I could have broken my meth habit long ago had I known this sooner. Man your my hero. Thanks for the help. I bet I can save my last two teeth if I stop now. Well I think I heard that Wednesday is not a good quitting day so I think I’m gonna fire up the pipe and make some deposits but maybe tomorrow I’ll try this quitting thing your suggesting. You must be a doctor, lawyer or maybe a professor to come up with such genius ideas. Thanks pal

Seething lol