Appreciate loyal players

So I see all these badges I received I see they thank us for being loyal players? All this about we can’t do it without you OK well? None of them have any free bonuses attached so they don’t really appreciate us that much they’ll do they? Why do you guys offer no free bonuses such as what you guys called free cash? Free spins? You guys don’t owe you give is the same “bitcoin/crypto deposit “ deal that really isn’t anything. Lose all the time and ask for a little love once in a while ? Being very loyal player, just to get the exact same “let down” excuse every time! “ as much as I would like to win as much as I tried there is no free bonus is available for you at this time. Please check back or use your Available deposit Bonuses and check back “ so I checked back this is happened multiple times and I continue to get told no I think ever since I signed up with these guys well over a year ago not to mention all my deposits, as well as winning and wagering so much back and wagering a hell of a lot as it is? I’ve been grandes $10 free play one time ! I have given these guys referrals left and right not to mention I rarely ever can get a hold of them via 24 seven chat lately it says there’s no agents due to Covid. Also they don’t answer the phone that I had to look up online… you guys need to give us loyal players a reason to stick around and give you our business 50 bucks 100 bucks free cash. Once a while doesn’t hurt you guys come on now?

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