Are cash games working now?

Hi, I’m checking to see if this website has been fixed. I withdrew all my money when they started to have terrible issues. Can someone tell me if they have been able to play cash games successfully without glitches, issues, etc. I enjoy this site but I am not depositing again if there are still issues.

There are no reported issues at the moment.

I went 300 spins on Golden Buffalo and only 3 or 4 bonuses. Each bonus was a dud. So… yeah. I’d say they’re broken. Well, at least that game is…

This was in relation to poker games @vegafx12, also a games RTP not paying out would not constitute the game being broken.

I havent had any problems in the last week or two with site. Been working fine for me. I will try and not blame them for my past bad luck … lol. Things have turned i think, nothing but luck post summer solstice

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Well it started off okay but now there are serious issues with the site lagging. It keeps folding my hands before I can even see them. I’m in incognito and my cookies are cleared. Everything else on my computer is fine so it’s definitely the site. If this is not fixed by this afternoon I am definitely withdrawing and not coming back.