Are the reels made so you can’t win

I was noticing that the same reels continue to come around while I was playing. I also noticed that when I was about to win a good amount of cash the game flicked and moved so that I didn’t win. Frustrated. I feel like they are just taking my money and not really rewarding anyone. This sucks. I mean I expect not towing all the time but dang


The slots use an rng, so it is totally at random.

So you’re randomly rigged? You guys have the ability to take away or give bonus in slots. I know this is true, cause someone from your sister site issued me free spins after the site bugged out on me. And since I have you here. Please do explain, why is it when one is about to complete their roll over everything is locked and you can’t win anything. That’s ridiculous


We can issue free spins of course.
We cannot adjust the payout of a game though!

Which means you guys can also make it so we can’t get any bonus at all

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Slots are rigged against players, yes, but that’s every casino ever. Every slot machine ever invented was designed to be “rigged” against players, in the sense that you have zero chance of beating the house (casino) over the long term. That’s why RTP %s are typically calculated over several millions or hundreds of millions of spins. The RTP is never 100% because the slot machine always has the edge in the long term (and, consequently, the short term). Sure, you have a chance of hitting a jackpot, but it is extremely slim. This is a legitimate online gaming site. I have won $100k jackpots here before & received the payouts.

Given that you’re playing games where the casino already has an edge, they would have zero reason to manipulate the games further. They want you to feel like you have a chance at winning because if everyone felt like they could never win, they’d lose their business.

You seem new here so I’ll give you some advice. They advertise the bonuses as being for casual/recreational players. This is misleading as these bonuses come with extremely high rollover requirements 35x-50x+. Meaning a $100 100% match bonus would require you to wager at least $7k on the low end. If you’re going to deposit small amounts of money, do not use deposit bonuses. Or if you do, understand that you will almost certainly not meet the rollover. Instead, use the deposit bonuses (if they continue to offer them in the future given the changes being implemented to their promotions) to go for a big win with a large starting deposit, say, $1k. Using the same example, you’d have $2k to play with which is a lot of money to gamble with on here. That can make it incredibly easier to hit a $100k jackpot after which meeting any rollover requirement will be guaranteed.

Note that they claim that you can win the massive jackpots on any bet amount. While this may be true, your odds of winning big are substantially increased when you max bet (which on here can be anywhere from $40-$200 per spin). I won over $100k 3 times in the span of about 2 weeks & was max betting or one below max bet every time. :slight_smile: Good luck.


Same here. Totally rigged

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Is it registered and verified?

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You definitely work for them and you are just trying to save face.

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yesterday i got accused of being ignition employee too lol

LOL shit’s funny as hell right? This is the second or third time it’s happened to me… other time it happened was when i posted a picture of one of my 100k wins on the ignition subreddit. They said I was an employee & that it wasn’t possible :joy:

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