Are the slots rigged? Who is winning/losing

What is it today on slots? I swear it’s like someone is on the other side of my screen stopping and skipping reels to non winning combinations. WTF!!! IVE HAD MY LOSING DAYS BUT DANGGGGGG…


Seriously today has been brutal

Yeah it’s very hard to win anything nowadays

I totally agree. I just looked at the documented rate of return and there is no way this many people are all seeing the same thing. It has to be false unless they can show me otherwise.

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I had a good day - some days it’s terrible. Just ebb and flow.

No, I have good days and bad days but today it was so painfully obvious that something was NOT right. I don’t know if this is a thing or not but when I play 3 reels I “count” the time between each “tap”. It’s hard to explain if over text but basically I watch the reels and the time between each reel stopping when on a winning combo. If you can keep it aligned and count the taps (I tap the screen to stop the reel) you can score winning combos effortlessly. Do I sound crazy?
…this sounds crazy…lol…jk
Seriously though when I play that way I can tell if it’s internet issues, if it’s lagging, if they are cheating cough cough :roll_eyes:
Today was just CRAZY. Over and over I should have won and didn’t. It was very clear that something was up. This whole week has been a JOKE. you can’t lose that hard that long… The “RTP” doesn’t add up

I usually go back and forth between reels and wheels xl, golden buffalo, cyberpunk, and lawless ladies. I went up about $5k but mainly because of reels and wheels and golden Buffalo. The free spins on lawless ladies has been pretty lame lately, never really paying out anything massive. But one of those games is usually hot

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Jhc its a parody at this point