Bad beats all the time

Is it just me but I’m always losing on this poker site on bad beats or like I really got a bad streak going on here

that seems to be the consensus here

Time to stop playing on here honestly

Im a losing player and thought same line. I’ve deposited over $40k over last 4 months and withdrew less than $8k and I felt exactly like you. And, YOU ARE RIGHT!!! You’re probably ahead a lot and then lose… but u know what the major problem really is???

You are playing too many hands….even the best starting hands lose to marginal hands a good percentage of the time (AK will lose to 76o almost 4 out of ten times)

Once I realized that… and did something about it, things changed for me… I’ve won three tournaments this week… I withdrew $5k just last week… and I’m not on here blaming ignitions software, rng or doomswitch or regulations or whatever reason losing players blame. I’m just winning and having fun

Well what was it that you did about it?? Enlighten us with your ignition defeating wisdom :joy:

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You can always make money playing poker. Bad beats and bad streaks happen but the great thing about online is you can switch tables, or leave and come back anytime. Don’t play zone, and sit and gos are for loosing as well

:joy::joy::joy: plz tell us

I just tightened my range.

you can give 5 bad beats and still not win a tournament but u lose just one and your out so I tightened up.

That resulted in less “bad beats”, easier decisions, less hero calls and not as much bluffing into the nuts.

That was hard for me bc I like to gamble. I chase the rush but ever since that I’ve had way more successs. I won two tournaments for $2k each and a smaller one plus placed a couple other times within the last weeek or so.

Also, I don’t play zone or sng. Just Rouen and cash


Don’t get me wrong… I’m still a losing player… but at least I win some now