Bad beats all the time

Is it just me but I’m always losing on this poker site on bad beats or like I really got a bad streak going on here

that seems to be the consensus here

Time to stop playing on here honestly

Im a losing player and thought same line. I’ve deposited over $40k over last 4 months and withdrew less than $8k and I felt exactly like you. And, YOU ARE RIGHT!!! You’re probably ahead a lot and then lose… but u know what the major problem really is???

You are playing too many hands….even the best starting hands lose to marginal hands a good percentage of the time (AK will lose to 76o almost 4 out of ten times)

Once I realized that… and did something about it, things changed for me… I’ve won three tournaments this week… I withdrew $5k just last week… and I’m not on here blaming ignitions software, rng or doomswitch or regulations or whatever reason losing players blame. I’m just winning and having fun

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Well what was it that you did about it?? Enlighten us with your ignition defeating wisdom :joy:


You can always make money playing poker. Bad beats and bad streaks happen but the great thing about online is you can switch tables, or leave and come back anytime. Don’t play zone, and sit and gos are for loosing as well

:joy::joy::joy: plz tell us

I just tightened my range.

you can give 5 bad beats and still not win a tournament but u lose just one and your out so I tightened up.

That resulted in less “bad beats”, easier decisions, less hero calls and not as much bluffing into the nuts.

That was hard for me bc I like to gamble. I chase the rush but ever since that I’ve had way more successs. I won two tournaments for $2k each and a smaller one plus placed a couple other times within the last weeek or so.

Also, I don’t play zone or sng. Just Rouen and cash


Don’t get me wrong… I’m still a losing player… but at least I win some now

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if your losing just because of bad beats or suck outs then the only adjustment you need to make is play more.

Okay guy I’m gonna help you here… I ran all my stats for 15 days and 17k hands and then added about 5k hands after that into pokertracker(get it yourself free trial for 14 days)

You can’t use it on the site really it just doesn’t work that well but it will tell you these things, “your results for the hands you actually play.”

AA won over 90% of the time for me.
all the way down to like 77s… I don’t think a single pocket pair was a -$ winning hand for me. Now I won’t share much else but if anyone is dying to know PM me. I will you refer to my 2 by 2 poker forum run on Ignition and whether Ignition is rigged or not. Certainly it isn’t…

Royal won 100% of the time
4 of a Kind won 100% of the time
Boats, straights and flushes were all above 70%

I am afraid if you’re playing low stakes, with gamblers, you got 3 or 4 calling stations or you got people willing to toss their chips in the middle you will see INSANE stuff on on-line poker. IN real life we sit down play 100 hands and our AAs get busted once and we feel bad. On here in a night you can play 1000 hands and well AAs can get busted but if you don’t want suckouts, just jam every time you got the nuts and make a tiny bit of money(you will still get sucked out) but less…

$65 hand I have JK Off

Flop JJK, I jam, guy calls. . . He has AK, picks up AK yeah the chances of this were .5 % Yeah… Hehehehheehheheheheheh My hand was ummm dancing but you know what it’s possible. Those cards are in the deck so :: shrugs :: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

P.S. As a Disclaimer after 15k hands in 2 weeks I couldn’t keep up and gave in. The Swings in poker are Known by the Masters and you will swing up and down it’s over like 30k 100k hands you will know about variance. Though if you play well you should see results earlier

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YEA BAD BEATS LIKE THEY ALWAYS HIT THERE BOAT ON THE RIVER everytime is crazy 1 out and they hit it! RIGGED

It’s bs I’ve never seen such crap in my life all of sudden new players come hit and drain ur account. Poker is rigged. Mods u delete this shame on u

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How I’m up 110 k in tournament new player comes in with 2and 4 off suite and beers pocket kings all in !! Never happens it won’t happen screw this

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Idk about rigged by bots, perhaps changed to increase rake… last few deposits couldn’t get a win to save my life,

Every game went the same, I’d get ahead a bit then every hand I got was suited but would never end in a flush & if I got pocket pairs sure enough another player got a pair just higher than mine, managed to pull a straight oops they pull a flush, got a flush and sure enough they managed to get a full house.

Really cause I get bad beats at the casino all the time lol it’s very tragic

Badbeats happen everywhere the game isn’t rigged. Does anyone want proof? PM me, I’ll link you to by 2 by 2 poker forum post about is the game Rigged. I ran 17 thousand hands on Ignition and then I ran them into my spreadsheet and as I said above Aces held up 90% of the time.

I had KKs busted 4 times the other day, but in 1000 or 10,000 times sure they’ll hold up more often than they bust. Statically unless you’re facing Aces then well they won’t …

To the OP poster and others:

It’s not rigged because there are STATISTICAL ANOMALIES.

A statistical anomaly is where if you do something long enough, the craziest things happen. For instance if you flip a coin 999 Trillion times, it can come up the same side say about 100 billion times in row, which would seem impossible.

There have been Zillions of Poker Hands played online and offline by zillions of players over a lot of years, somewhere out there is a MURPHY of Poker statistical anomaly that has their AA lose 99 times in row all in preflop and scream RIGGED.

Those kind of things can, do happen.

I had a 70 buy in bad run, where I got bad beat out of 70 tournament buy ins in a row, that knocked me down to $6 and almost busted my bankroll.

I started with $15 built that up to $250, that got knocked down to $6 because of the 70 buy ins in row that got bad beat out of. Then I grinded $6 up to $1750. That was on a famous well known popular poker client that not Ignition.

If that had happened to you guys, you would be screaming RIGGED. But it was NOT RIGGED, and I still profited in the LONG TERM, before USA Black Friday shut down of online poker, stopped me, and I had to cash out $1750.

To guy that said that the answer is to play tighter:

That can be partially true. My coach used to say to me, when I complained about a bad beat, that yes I got bad beat, and yes that’s not your fault, but you never should have been in the hand in the first place, and if you had folded like you should have, you wouldn’t have been bad beat.

So tightening can help out, but tightening up to the point where your a ULTIMATE TIGHT NIT, is bad, and won’t stop you from being bad beat, and will lead to you being a losing player.

You want to be semi tight to semi moderate to semi AGRESSIVE, and play positional poker, and pick good spots to semi bluff, and don’t be a call station, and don’t OVERVALUE hands, and don’t overfold, etc.

And when you do that, and play well, then while you will suffer bad beat streaks that you will be tempted to scream RIGGED, OVER THE LONG TERM, you will win more then you lose, profit, etc.

Also game selection is important. While having some fish is good, if you have way the heck too many crazy, insane DONKS that call with any 2 cards no matter what, all the time, you will get bad beat out of tournaments more.

While you don’t want to move up stakes too fast you do want to move up to slightly above micro stakes, as soon as good bankroll management allows, because there are way too many crazy DONKS in micros, where in at slightly higher stakes then micros, there is still a lot of fish you can profit off of, while there not being as many crazy, insane DONKS to torpedo you.

High Volatility, Variance, bad runs, etc, are part of poker. You have to make your peace with them, overcome them, DO NOT TILT, etc, in order to be a good winning player.

And if you want to play for fun and recreation as a not as good poker player, that’s ok if you are a losing player, and don’t want to do what need to do to be winning player. If you want to be a just for fun, gambly fish, that’s ok. Have fun, but you still have to make your peace with bad beats, and that it’s not rigged, etc.

Hope this helps.

The Poker is Rigged thing, argument, is OLD, TIRESOME, YAWN.

And while I and others are sympathetic, feel for what your going thru, and are willing to try to help you see that it’s not rigged, etc, it does get OLD.

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Then do you play AK or not?
And do you play 76o or not?