BCH Withdrawal Option Removed?

I just went to make a withdrawal, and I only see an option for Bitcoin (BTC). Before there was also an option for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as well. I checked the deposits page, and as per the notification on Nov 18th, there is an option to deposit using BCH. I have not seen any messages, notifications, or forum posts regarding the removal of BCH as a withdrawal option, though. I understand that Ignition removed BCH as a deposit option because of the hard fork that occurred on the 15th of November, but as I mentioned it seems that this was restored on the 18th of November. I would love to get an update about withdrawing using BCH moving forward. Thank you for your time.


Is there still not an update?

The BCH option is now available, however, note that all our withdrawal methods are provided to players on an account by account basis and at the discretion of the withdrawals team. When the option does become available again to you, you’ll be notified either through account message or email.

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Thank you for responding. I did get the option to withdraw in BCH again for a while there, but it has been removed once more. Moving forward I definitely want to have BCH as an option to withdraw. Can I get in touch with the withdrawals team to help make that happen?

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be possible at this time. As Foster mentioned, as and when the option does become available players will be contacted via email.

I am disappointed that this is the stance Ignition is choosing to take, but thank you for the quick response time.


I understand your disappointment and I’m sure there are legitimate reasons why it is this way, but unfortunately all we can advise is what we have done already.

I understand. Thank you for your time.

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Same Issue, I only see withdraw options for litecoin and bitcoin. Where is the bitcoin cash withdrawal for my account?

Looks like its litecoin. Best to use exodus to coinbase for this. I have no experience with Exodus, so good luck.

I already answered this above @greatness008, we don’t have any additional information I’m afraid

Ok no problem I understand thx

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