Best Crypto Wallet?

Im in search of a secure and reliable BTC wallet. I finally won on a couple lucky a** spins and would like to with drawl some before I degen all of it back lol.

@Tracker Have you tried Blockchain?

no . I downloaded exodus but got a little nervous about it

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That’s also another. Everyone has there preference

I deposit with cash app but read somewhere not to use for withdraw…

exodus will work, or blockchain . Ty

You should always use a wallet when depositing and withdrawing as an in-between for your exchange and us

Yeah either one would work for you

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I’ve used Exodus and never had a problem with it. Congrats on the successful spins too.

I actually got lucky and hit $225mbtc on cyber punk last night/early this morning. And then few hours later hit some kind of jackpot on Caesar’s that paid $100mBtc. IM thinking last was maybe a progressive. I didn’t really notice a Pauline it just said jackpot won! I’m a fairly new player so Im trying to get advice on a good Btc wallet if anybody could help./ Thanx

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Thank you. Im in the process of trying to get my money. Does it usually take this long? LOL I guess I’m just a little paranoid about online casinos.But hopefully I’m in the process of proving myself wrong.

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I use Atomic wallet or Coin wallet. Atomic is nice because it has an in app swap function that is very useful. Coin wallet is a bit more secure, as it generates a new invoice address for each transaction. Both are free to download, neither require KYC, or even an email, so your funds can’t be easily tracked (by the tax man or your ex). Anyway, that’s my two cents…

ty for your time and response.

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