Best wallet for bitcoin transactions

So if you want to send your bitcoin quickly and cheap to the next block with 10 minutes. Use cash app to purchase or send bitcoin. They group all transactions sent from their wallet together which allows for very very low fees. Im talking cents to a high of a dollar depending on the amount.
All my transactions are sent within 10 minutes. Anyways hope this helps.

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They also send a tax statement at the end of the year, FYI.


I enjoy using my Cash App account to buy bitcoin easily and for general transactions, but to send directly from Cash App to poker sites is just asking for eventual trouble. I still go through an intermediate wallet before depositing on any gambling sites. I just don’t care to chance biting a hand that feeds me, ya know. But agree 100% about Cash App having incredible ease/speed in purchasing and sending out bitcoin.:ok_hand:

Can anyone recomend a wallet that is cheaper than exodus?

That makes sense. Well…good to know. :astonished:

If you guys just send bitcoin cash instead of regular bitcoin there are no fees