Best Wallet to Withdraw Crypto to US Bank Account

Hello. I’ve been using to deposit/sell crypto directly into my bank account. For about three months now, they are asking for “proof of income.” No matter what I upload, it’s rejected.

Does anyone have any advice on which wallet will let me sell Crypto and deposit into my US bank account?

(I’ve been researching and started using Binance, but it’s taking a long time for the site to verify me.)


Cash App is the easiest. Who is asking for the proof of income? The bank or the app?

1 Like app. Thanks for replying! I’ll look into Cash App.

I have been using cash app for a while now with bitcoin and never had any issues. I do have Coinbase as a back up. Good luck

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I prefer Gemini Exchange, they will wire funds without fees.

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Thanks, Mikem615. No issues with wiring? Not ACH deposit?

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Uphold is good as well and I believe Robin hood is an option now that they have allowed deposits and withdrawls

They have both. And both are free for account holders. It’s a crypto exchange just like Binance just US based

Coinbase is another solid option that offers everything you would need.

The thing is that most of these us facing sites do require extensive verification and if you surpass certain thresholds they will come knocking asking for more information/re-verification.

If you are moving 20k plus expect to trigger internal flags on most of these apps particularly if you are a new account.

I use Coinbase. I only use my Cashapp to send crypto to receive I use Coinbase and/or Coinbase wallet.

I would not suggest using anything linked to an exchange. You risk facing the same issue if you withdraw any gambling related winnings to a wallet linked to an exchange. I use Green and would expressly recommend trying this before Coinbase or Cash app because contrary to popular belief, Blockchain transactions can absolutely be tracked if so desired, and are not as anonymous as everyone is led to believe they are. Don’t believe me? No skin off my back. I have spent hours researching the subject and I suggest everyone do the same. Good luck


Hello Jewell. Do you use Coinbase to withdraw funds from Ignition?

I use cashapp to send and Coinbase to receive. I made a pretty big withdrawal a year ago into my cashapp and they closed my account because of it.

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