Birthday Bonus Gone?

No more Birthday bonus?

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If you’re platinum, I think, you should, unless this is something else decided randomly by specific criteria the Promotions team decides who gets one and who doesn’t. It sounds like they’ve reduced the amount given and increased the playthrough required. Happy birthday!

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I was told I was supposed to get a birthday bonus and I haven’t seen anything

If you’re at least platinum it’ll probably be issued towards the end of the day

Watch out if your platinum they tend to take it away before your birthday so they dont have to give it it happened to me .i made platinum july 18 and by aug 6 it was gone ,and i needed id verification so a month before my birthday they took it. Watch out .ignition went down hill

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@Rtoole I see you did receive the bonus, and a belated happy birthday to you!

@Mcmandrew513 You will only get this once you reach platinum level.

@Krissy96 Player levels do not go down once you reach them.

Yes they do ,i have seen it in my account .july 18 i made platinum level ,and by aug 6 it was gone all because they want id verification…ignition has gotten really bad .

I have checked your account and see no updates to it on the 18th, and right now you are 31851 Lifetime points away from Platinum Level.
I did see though this was escalated to be checked.

Am I still eligible for a birthday bonus? I did receive one last yr which was my first

If you are Platinum level or above you are eligible to have your account reviewed.

Thanks for the birthday gift, Ignition!!
Although I didn’t win, it was a nice gesture.

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