Bitcoin Deposit Question

Is there a reason that some of my crypto deposits come through before they are even confirmed on the Blockchain???

e.g. I just deposited and my money was available within less than a minute. I double checked that a new block hasn’t even been generated yet. Trust me, I’m not complaining its convenient having the money available immediately, just wondering why some transactions have to wait for verification while others don’t? I.e. Is it the size of the deposit, or related to it being tied to a deposit bonus etc??

For Ignition, some crypto currencies require only 1 confirmation, while blockchain will require 3 or more. By the time I reload the transaction page (where it then says one confirmation) it will be loaded . The page for confirmations (and mem pool) lags a bit.


Got it. Thanks for the feedback. Typically what you mentioned would make sense but the last Bitcoin transaction I made when writing this was available immediately and the first confirmation wasn’t for at least 30-40 min.

Oh well, preciate’ the reply either way :blush:

I am having the same issue !!

@Jaydedkitty This thread is from last year, please PM us if you need hep with something.