Bitcoin depositors freeroll ticket not received

I didnt recieve my bitcoin depositors freeroll ticket and i cannot get agold of anyone in the help center. Thx in advance for any help!

You would need to deposit $20 or more to be eligible for this ticket.

I did i made a 20$ deposit then another 10$

I meant to send the 30 all at once but accidently sent 20 so i redid another 10 after that was gone.

This seems to be an ongoing issue. For the last two weeks I have deposited numerous times, over $25 each deposit, all crypto. For the last two weeks I did not receive a Crypto Depositor’s FreeRoll ticket. Yesterday I got hold of a customer service rep via Chat. He said he was “adding my ticket to my account” but not until he had wasted 30 minutes of my time with stupid questions like “Where do you see it written that you only need to deposit $20 to get a ticket?” and “When was the last time you were granted a ticket”. I had to give him a link to the page on this website that shows the policy, and I had to take a screenshot of that page and upload it to him before he would even listen. Finally, he realized I was right and said he was granting my ticket. I still have no ticket, so he basically lied to get me to shut up.

I cant even get an answer from customer service at all… im very frustrated i sure hope moderator is able to clearvthis up. Right now i feel very overlookedcompaired to other spors i play.

@Davy Are you seeing this thread still?

@BzQUICKz I also sent an e-mail to CC about this. I just got my ticket a moment ago. In a separate thread on this form, @Foster mentioned that "It looks like… " I got my ticket rewarded. i don’t know if @Foster fixed it for me, or just noticed that someone else did, but the point is, writing the e-mail and posting here at the same time got my issue resolved.

Thank u i will do that now time is short for sure i hope to play in todays game!! Thank u

@BzQUICKz The last time you made a qualifying deposit was 11th December.

I sent two in the same day. I made a 20 which after fees i suppose kight have been off by a dollar. Then another 10 dollar. I meant to send 30 all at once… are you telling me that althought they was made within a few hours of the other i cant be qualified for a free ticket? I literally play here specifically for that game ticket?

It would need to be a single deposit of $20 or more unfortunately.

I have had the same issue on my account. I’ll be able to claim the bonus in my rewards but when I attempt to register for the tournament I get a message telling me that I needatcket.

Are you sure you are trying the correct tournament? The bitcoin depositors freeroll is on Sundays at 2.05 ET

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Of course I’m sure of the correct tournament. In fact I even went as far as wondering if I made the proper qualifying deposit and made another deposit on Sunday of atttleast 25 via Bitcoin. In fact that’s the only way I deposit is via Bitcoin

Hi @sakoul, I can see that you played one Social Media Freeroll tournament on 17th and one weekly $2500 freeroll on 19th. I assume at this moment, you’re referring to the ticket that is sitting on your account. Please try to use the ticket following week as well. If there will be still issues please let us know.

I’m referring to the ticket on the 15th. I was issued a ticket and redeemed the ticket. But when I attempted to register for the tournament I was consistently being turned away saying I didn’t have a ticket. I even went so far as to making another deposit to my account making sure that it was above the 20 dollar amount ib case I lost too much cash on deposit fees to make sure I had a qualifying amount

Let us know if you have a similar issue.